3 Big Mistakes First Time Homebuyers Make

First time homeowners often make these 3 mistakes costing them valuable time and money.  Many homeowners believe that you can worry about maintenance costs later. I’ve learned that you should make room in your budget from home maintenance from the get-go.  Even if you have bought new construction every home will need a bit of […]

Sponge painted walls, floral window valances stuffed with plastic grocery bags for added volume, hunter green walls, and that lovely floral wallpaper border. The 90’s trends were definitely some of the worst. Although these were the hot trends in the 90’s, we all know trends don’t last and it’s time to kick these to the curb.

What Color Door Will Sell my Home?

One question I often get asked is, “What front door color will help sell my home?” While there is no right answer, there are some door colors that do better than others in helping you sell your home.

Why You Should Choose 55+

Many 55 and better shoppers don’t realize the benefits of choosing a 55+ community versus simply buying a traditional home. The main reasons 55 and better communities are a great pick is that they generally have amazing amenities, a variety of activities to help you easily connect with your new neighbors and are low maintenance

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